level four

This bed offers the perfect combination of high pressure and low pressure tanning. It has 500-watt quartz facial lamps and a shoulder tanner, as well as a comfortable surface that is contoured to fit your body. You will be amazed at how much color you will see in just one session.

  • 12 to 15 minute exposure time
  • Ultimate color in just one tan

UV tanning beds & sunless spray tanning

level one 

It uses gentle tanning power for a softer tan. In as few as 4 tans per week in the next 3 weeks you will have a glowing base tan.

  • 15 minute exposure time
  • 1 High Pressure facial lamp
  • Builds a great base tan

level Two

It has HO lamps and High Pressure facials for natural tan effects. In as few as 3 tans per week in the next 3 weeks you can have a glowing base tan.

  • 15 Minute exposure time
  • 3 High Pressure Facial Lamp
  • Perfect for building a base tan

level three

It uses VHO and High Pressure tanning power. In as few as 4 tans per week in the next 2 weeks you can take your tan to the next level! We have two different beds to chose from at this level: Stand up and Bed options

  • 12 to 15 minute exposure time
  • Maintains and Darkens Color

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sunless tanning

The latest sunless tanning technology produces a natural looking tan without the use of UV rays. Achieve a uniform and natural looking tan in just seconds. It is great for sunless tanners, non-tanners, current tanners, and event tanners. We have the Mystic Tan, VersaSpa, and VersaPro.‚Äč

level five

These unique bed use only high pressure tanning lamps. Achieve your base tan by using this bed 3 times in a 10-day period. Once your base tan is achieved, you need only tan once every 3-4 weeks to maintain your tan. SUPERIOR RESULTS! We have the Open Sun 1050 and UltraBronze.

  • 12 minute exposure time
  • Superior color in just one tan